New Door Praise & Worship Center Promo Materials

We were responsible for designing flyers/postcards for New Door Praise and Worship Center. We design flyers/postcards for the Ronald Rucker and Friends Concert, Church Locations, Pastoral Anniversary, and Mass Kingdom Choir (a gathering of musicians across denominational and cultural lines)

Promotional Materials For New Door Praise and Worship Center
Concerts, Anniversaries, Invitations, and More!
Snapshot of Detail  of Lettering on this Ronald Rucker & Friends Flyer.

3D Mock of the Ronald Rucker & Friends Flyer.
Back Side of the Ronald Rucker & Friends Concert Flyer... a sharing with Mass Kingdom Choir & Takeisha M. Butler! 

We were honored to work with Pastor Jereme Skykes Sr. @New Door Praise and Worship Center! We were called upon to create a flyer/invitation for their 1st Pastors' Anniversary! Congrats to Pastor Sykes!

Postal Ready Postcard Back for Pastoral Anniversary for Pastor Jereme Sykes Sr. and New Door P.W.C
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